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Mining into your day? Never miss a morning again.

Caught out after dark? Make it home in time for dinner with this online Minecraft alarm clock.

Useful for:


Using the buttons at the bottom:

  1. Adjust the time to match your Minecraft time by matching the sun/moon position, or using "/time" command where available
  2. Adjust alarm time (The semi-transparent sun and moon with an "A" in it)
  3. Make sure the 'Alarm active' button is checked

If you sleep, or pause the game (in single player) you will have to re-adjust the time - it's not that clever.

Also, server lag can make a day go longer than its meant to (20 mins) and this will cause the alarm to go out of sync too :(

Thanks, take me to the alarm

New to the game Minecraft?

Minecraft is an explosively popular single player and online multiplayer game that is available for computer and Xbox 360. In Minecraft you have limitless possibility to build whatever you can imagine. Zombies, skeletons and other monsters come out at night, so use this alarm to make sure you make the most of the daylight hours.

Create tools, chop down trees, mine stone, gold, iron, diamonds and more, then combine them by crafting them into other usable items. Breed animals and harvest your crops to survive. Create a house, castle, or your own fantasy-land with whatever materials you collect. Read more.





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